Goal Oriented Social Media Marketing

The Philippines is such an oddity when it comes to internet adaption.

You see, we are the “social media capital of the world” and that’s no easy feat nor was it just coined out of thin air.

The fact is, as of 2019, 71M Filipinos actually have access to the internet and ALL of them are on social media! Not just that, most Filipinos actually spend more than 8 hours a day (more spend more time on it than their 8 hour jobs DAILY)! That’s the highest social media activity the planet!

Plot twist, less than 90% of Filipino businesses are on the internet, not even on social media.

That gap is real and for some reason, many continue to do business as if the internet has not reached the Philippines yet.

Post Covid-19 Marketing

With the covid-19 pandemic however, this is certainly bound to change and it will change DRAMATICALLY.

Fact is, during this pandemic, we’re now seeing even cemeteries doing Facebook ads. Everyone’s trying to be on the platform these days that it’ll be much harder to actually get noticed (for the right reasons as social media is a two edged sword just so you know).

That’s where one of our social media managers can come in to help you succeed in the seemingly wild wild west social media landscape of the Philippines.

We’ll help you craft a sound social media strategy so you won’t feel like soaking money in sand and actually get to your desired goal – may it be through content creation (from captions, photos and videos that connect) to posting organically on your Facebook and Instagram or running a targeted Facebook/Instagram Ads campaign.

Why Global Brands Trust Us With Their Social?

Apart from our no nonsense, ROI driven approach to marketing in general, businesses trust in our experience as online publishers ourselves having grown our brands to more than 1.5M followers and GROWING!

They know we have the capacity to engage and connect to the target audience in both strategic and creative ways to get the most out of their marketing investment.

If you want to take away the if and buts of your brand’s social media game, do not hesitate to schedule your FREE consultation now.

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