Link Building

In essence, our link building service is the same as making connections in real life and having these connections mention or better yet, vouch for you.

With that said, not all mentions are of equal value. Naturally if the likes of Bill Gates vouch for you, that has more weight than a thousand average humans doing the same.

This analogy has always been our approach to link building – quality over quantity. We want to put your brand only where it matters the most.

Wait, there’s more.

Unlike most in the SEO industry, our approach to getting backlinks is not as easy as creating fake personas/profiles and bombarding website owners, bloggers and influencers with emails and messages that most end up in SPAM and worst, getting penalized by Google as they’ve been explicitly recommending against such practices.

Instead of the shotgun approach of spamming website owners, strategic and creative as we are, we actually make other companies vouch for us naturally by offering something of value to them. An approach that’s far from easy – no wonder not a lot of industry players can afford to do so.

With our approach, we get to focus more on connecting with the right audience and as a side effect, the likes of CNN, Cosmo Magazine, and other high authority websites themselves have come to us naturally resulting in brand mentions of high value.

Targeted and creative. That’s just how we want to work in everything we do and link building is no exemption.

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