Beginner Adwords Strategy Ups Conversions by 500% in 1 Month – Case Study

An ad group created on July 21, 2015 did not generate any ad views, clicks, or conversions for four months. found there were relevant keywords that weren’t added to the ad group, which users extensively used in their search (based on analytics). In fact, 11 out of the top 25 search terms were variations of one particular seed keyword. These relevant keywords were immediately added to the ad group and substantial improvements were seen the following day.

In one week: Ad Views rose by 217.75% and Ad Clicks rose by 266.67%.

Whereas there were 0 impressions and 0 clicks on November 23, 2015, but by November 24, 2015, the ad group generated 293 impressions, 9 clicks, and 2 conversions.

A week after (November 25, 2015 to December 1, 2015), the new ad group generated 961 views, 33 clicks, and 2 conversions.

In one month: Views rose by 1,137.88%, Clicks rose by 1,711.11%, and Conversions rose by 500.00%

A month later (November 25, 2015 to December 25, 2015), the new ad group generated 3,627 ad views, 163 clicks, and 12 conversions.

At present, the new ad group keywords are now some of the best performing keywords at campaign level. Together, three of these keywords generated:

a.    217 clicks out of 1,501 total clicks (campaign level) or 14.45%;
b.    4,487 impressions out of 42,301 total impressions (campaign level) or 10.60%;
c.    13 conversions out of 172 total conversions (campaign level) or 7.55%; and
d.    Cost of A$934.26 out of A$6,983.09 total cost (campaign level) or 13.37%.

Summary: Turn Relevant Search Terms into Keywords

Search queries are perhaps the most important sources of keywords since it is the actual words or phrases that users type into the search box. They are the real-world terms that generate paid or organic results.

In this case, many of the search queries had an obvious pattern that pointed to a particular seed keyword. Upon seeing that the seed keyword and its variations weren’t in the ad group, immediately added those keywords, and since then, the dormant ad group turned into a vibrant, top performing one.

When an ad group isn’t performing, it pays to check existing keywords and search terms. There may be relevant keywords absent in the list of keywords in the ad group, which people use at length in search engines.

Adjust bids on these relevant keywords accordingly for ads to obtain top position in search results page, which should materialize into ad views, clicks, and eventually conversions.

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