Why Use Adwords?

If you’re fairly new to digital marketing, I’m pretty sure you will come to the crossroads where you will have to choose a side between PPC (Pay Per Click?) or paid Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Organic Internet Marketing.

Of course there are businesses w? enough budget to attack from all sides given the global financial woes as of late, even enterprise businesses have to pick a side.

First, being the product of Google (AKA the “internet”), is the planets biggest & most reliable Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform. How big is it exactly? That remains a trade secret however, independent estimates pegged its earnings to be $100,000,000-Daily! Yup! That’s why Google is synonymous to “the information age”. They are the planets best at monitizing information hands down.

With Adwords, any businesses as in ANY, regardless of the size, vertical, etc. can take advantage of this product. whether you want only the whole city to know you are offering roses in your shop. Or newly invented renewable fuel, Adwords can fill your need like nobody else can.

Secondly, unlike SEO, the results of running & adwords campaign is nearly instant. The moment you get to set-up, campaign, ad group, ad copy, keyword and you billing information, you can get pass any of your competitors if done correctly of course SEO.? It can take months to feel the effects depending on the niche and how good your SEO guy is.

Lastly, Adwords campaigns w/ its nearly instant results are easier to track – again, if managed accordingly. You will find out which ads are bringing in all the clicks, the sales, and what kewords are pulling up those ads. Most importantly, you have the capacity to find out how much you are spending before you can get a sale or an opt-in.

Given the fact that SEO takes time especially since Goggle unleashed quite a number of “animals” this year to make it even harder to get on top of organic results, Adwords is no doubt looking like a beacon amidst the vacuum that is the world wide web today.

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