Web Design Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s pretty rare for a small business to have a good web design for their site. Worse, many small businesses and startups don’t even have a website of their own. The good news however is that over 50% of small businesses in the United States now have a website on the Internet; the only problem lies in the fact that most of them look downright horrible.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about having a flashy or complicated site. All you need is one that’s easy to navigate through and has all the information you need whilst being pleasing to the eyes. It’s like having a store of your own really; you want your store sign to be nice, and you want the interior of your store to be clean and attractive. You need to think of your website as your own store on the Internet—it doesn’t make sense for it to be ugly right?

Take a few tips from some web designers who know what it takes for small business websites to be successful.

Personalize the Experience

An interactive website gets people involved and helps prospective customers get a feel for how your run your business. You can start by having a testimonial page where happy clients can share their experiences. Make this section as fun as possible, without being too reliant of Flash. This will make a prospective customer feel that you will take care of him, or her, just like your other satisfied clients.

Visually Design your Website According to your Products or Service

If you’re selling beauty products for example, why not try to create a website that exudes a feeling of wellness and luxury? You can also concentrate on informing your customers about your products, instead of just selling them. Think about colors that ooze beauty and calm, and incorporate them into your site.

These are just two tips that you can consider when design your website. Remember that having a great web design need not be expensive. Good luck!

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