Relationships, Love and…Facebook?

Here’s something social media marketing specialists might want to look into when planning campaigns for the holidays, and even Valentine’s.

Since Facebook started becoming an integral part of our social lives, the social networking sites has also changed our society’s flirting habits, especially those of the younger generation. Popular teen and tween resource Seventeen Magazine recently released a report on the effects, rules, and quirks brought about on relationships by the growing social networking trend.

Seventeen Magazine editor-in-chief Ann Shoket shares that teens these days lead very social lives, and sites such as Facebook play a huge role in their love lives.

Seventeen Magazine‘s study polled over 10,000 male and female teenagers ages 16 to 21, who then were interviewed on their behavioral habits on Facebook when it comes to relationships and love. 79% of the respondents admitted to “friending” a new person they just met after a week of knowing each other. Once that’s done, 60% of those polled admitted to stalking their crush’s profile at least once a day. 40% would do so several times a day. In addition, those surveyed said that social networking doesn’t impede their interpersonal communication skills with their special someone—in fact, Facebook only brings them closer to each other.

However, it’s not just falling in love where Facebook comes in. Seventeen’s report shows that 10% of those interviewed have at some point, dumped their significant other on Facebook. The same number have admitted to simply changing their relationship status to “Single” as a means of severing ties with their lovers.

The most interesting bit of info? 73% say that they still keep their exes on their list of friends—so not everyone’s a jilted lover after a breakup, even one that’s publicized on Facebook.

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