Sesame Street Puts Spin to Old Spice Viral Marketing Ad

Sesame Street and Old Spice. The two may be worlds apart, but as the children’s TV series’ latest viral hit demonstrated, anything is possible, especially when you happen to be a monster named Grover.

Taking a page out of Old Spice’s widely popular viral marketing campaign, Sesame Street released a spoof of the brand’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’” commercial, which to date has now received over 23 million views on YouTube.

The viral video stars Grover in the role of “The Old Spice Guy,” originally played to perfection by Isaiah Mustafa, spoofing the ad’s lines and moves in order to demonstrate—in true Sesame Street fashion—the word “on.”

Throughout the video, Grover does a hilarious and adorable portrayal of The Old Spice Guy, even going so far as to bring out “the tickets to that thing you like.” The “Smell Like a Monster” video has drawn over 5 million views to date, making it one of Sesame’s most popular.

While it may be recognized as a children’s show, Sesame Street has consistently made references to pop culture in the past, with celebrity appearances and allusions to hit TV shows, all in an effort to get grown-ups interested in the show as well.

Old Spice’s ads are some of the most spoofed videos on the internet, but as Sesame Street showed, it only takes one blue monster to come out smelling like a winner.

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