Bringing the “Play” Experience to Viral Marketing

Art and a good dose of luck—that’s often all there is behind successful viral marketing. However, did you know that the chances of having a successful viral campaign become higher if you incorporate a playful environment into your message?

Everyone knows that humans are social creatures, therefore we thrive with interaction. Some of the best viral marketing campaigns use an element we often can’t ignore. That element is play.

Think about it. We hardly need any motivation to play. When we’re at work or at school, our minds relish the idea of being able to play, essentially making it a part of our instincts. And though some of us think we’ve outgrown our love of playing, the reality is that it never really leaves us.

So how do you bring in a playful environment to your viral marketing campaign? There are plenty of ways to do it; it could have elements of a puzzle, a quiz or some other brain twister that engages your audience.

It sounds simple but it’s the execution of the idea that can become complex. Creating the perfect playful bait requires plenty of creativity, so you’ll have to give it some careful thought.

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