iPad Popularity Causing Trend in Web Design

Steve Jobs likes to throw around the words ‘revolutionize’ and ‘groundbreaking’ when talking about his products. When companies do this, we know it’s all for the sake of hype and public relations, but when it comes to Apple, their claims are often justified, and the iPad is a perfect example of this.

Tablet devices and PCs have been around for quite some time, but only the iPad has made an actual impact on web design and how web content is created and enjoyed by consumers. Six months later since its first release, more than 3 million iPads have been sold, and now we’re seeing plenty of people toting one around, whether it’s for reading a book, playing games, watching videos and browsing the internet.

Because of this trend, web designers are now rushing to redesign websites to look like iPad apps, and we think this shift will only continue, what with Samsung, Blackberry and Dell releasing their own tablet devices.

Take Twitter’s new design for example. Twitter’s new interface, aside from being rich in media additions, looks a lot like the app the company released for the iPad.

Yet another site that underwent a redesign is the New York Times’ editorial section, which was formatted to be iPad friendly.

There’s no doubt that tablets are gaining momentum as a new way of enjoying the internet. With more computer companies developing their own devices, we expect numerous web sites to undergo makeovers to better accommodate this growing market.

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