What Makes a Facebook Post Work?

For those learning the ins and outs of social media marketing, knowing how to utilize the inner workings of Facebook is a must. If you’re managing a Facebook page for a person or organization, you’ll be surprised to know how some small and mundane factors come into play when promoting your page on the internet.

SMM company Virtue recently released a research paper studying the impact of factors such as date and time, content and activity on Facebook posts. Some of the study’s results are surprising, but ultimately make sense when you give them some thought.

For example, it was found that Friday mornings are when Facebook posts get the most interaction. This is because Facebook users generally have the best moods on Friday, as it marks the beginning of a weekend. Fridays see more like ‘likes,’ comments and wall posts compared to any other day of the week.  Posts on the site also spike on mornings because workers and students normally check Facebook first thing in the morning before working.

Posts with images attached to them were also found to be the most interactive. The study indicates that across all brands and represented organizations, posts with images are 22% more likely to receive likes and comments than videos, and 54% more likely than plain text posts.

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