More Businesses See Viral Video Marketing in New Light After Old Spice’s Success

After the overwhelming success of Old Spice’s viral video marketing campaign, more companies, both large and small, are now taking viral videos a lot more seriously. Consider this, Old Spice’s sales were taking a beating against fellow brands in the same market; when Old Spice began using the power of social media, the tables were completely reversed, and the market now saw the Old Spice brand in a new and much more appealing light.

Mind you, Old Spice’s success wasn’t just about a bunch of videos that went viral on YouTube. The effort and time put into the advertising campaign was nothing short of impressive, and the team behind the campaign really went all out on this one. The Old Spice Guy, otherwise known as Isaiah Mustafa, became the face of a total of 180 hilarious YouTube videos, all starting with one brilliant Super Bowl advertisement.

While critics of the platform say that viral video marketing is nothing more than just pure and simple luck, that clearly isn’t the case with Old Spice. The brand’s successful advertising campaign was the result of repeated creative brainstorming, and plenty of hard work. What businesses need to understand is that the current marketing and advertising mindset we’ve become familiar with over the years is now slowly being rendered obsolete by the internet. It’s either you follow the trend, or get left behind.

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