Search Engine Optimization for your Facebook Page

It used to be that promoting your business, or yourself for that matter, in the corporate world took a lot of money to do—something not everyone may have access to. However, with the rise of the internet as a major avenue for advertising and marketing, opportunities to raise awareness in less costly ways have become more accessible than ever, and all you have to do is play it smart and ride with the popular trends on the web.

Today, the smart way of getting off to a good start is to create a Facebook page for yourself or for your business. The best part about Facebook is that you don’t have to spend a single cent to take advantage of its potential. All you have to do is apply some search engine optimization techniques on your Facebook page and you’ll be seeing an increase in traffic in no time.

So where to start? Facebook allows you to change your page’s URL in the account settings, so go ahead and change it into one that’s dense with keywords—just make sure it’s related to the industry you’re in. If your page is about your restaurant business in the  Seattle area  for example, then have the words “restaurant” and “Seattle,” along with other good keywords in your URL.

This is just one tip on how to optimize your Facebook page; remember that there are plenty of other SEO techniques you can apply, so don’t be afraid to try things out.

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