The Tough World of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

With the advent of social media network sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter, the average internet surfer now has quick and easy access to the vast powers of the media. Ordinary students, budding entrepreneurs and marketing specialists are quickly learning how to use the new medium, turning social media marketing into a real and serious way to promote one’s self or business.

However, while social media marketing may seem hip and trendy, it also has its downside. To take advantage of traditional marketing and advertising avenues, all you often need to do is approach an agency and let them take care of all the dirty work. Working with social media is the complete opposite—you’ll need to be very hands-on for things to work, and more importantly, you’ll need to follow a handful of not-so-known rules to be successful.

Here’s one tip: always be ready to say something when an event happens, whether it’s good or bad. If you choose to stay silent, then social media will choose to say something for you, which means that your audience will speculate, which could make or break your business image. No matter how big or small a player you are, always be prepared to say something, otherwise you’ll only make yourself look bad. Prepare a statement carefully, and you’re social media followers will spread the word for you.

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