The Ballad of Old Spice’s Viral Marketing Campaign

Last week, there were reports circulating around the web that Old Spice’s incredibly popular viral marketing campaign was in fact, nothing but a failure, as the company’s sales figures showed a drop of around 7 percent. Major news websites immediately pounced on the opportunity to share the story, which immediately gave people the idea that viral marketing only gets attention and does nothing for the business itself.

Online videos however, aren’t just limited to sites such as YouTube, MySpace, and Daily Motion. Webmasters and those who maintain blogs can now copy the codes of videos and paste it on their sites, thereby extending their reach and helping create the next online sensation.

Therefore, your goal shouldn’t be to get a million or more views. It’s best to stay realistic, and work on exposing your videos on the web as much as you can. Fortunately for you, there are numerous tools and techniques designed to make this happen, and all it takes is a bit of internet savvy, and a lot of unique ideas to be successful.

We can help you put together a web video strategy that will suit your needs, whether it’s extending the scope of your current crop of videos, creating new material, or developing a video channel on video-sharing sites. We’re just an email away for your next video.

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