Link Building 101

Link building is a necessary step to take if you’re serious about getting that coveted number 1 position for high search keywords on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While building links is widely regarded as an efficient way of optimizing one’s site, not too many webmasters know why links are needed in the first place.

Building a steady flow of links from large websites on your own site is the most basic, yet most important factor, in search engine optimization today. Having a steady flow of high quality links allows search engines to sniff out your site, and “label” it as a credible and relevant source of industry related keywords.

So what kind of links do you want on your site? Start with two factors. First, you want a link to come from a domain that boasts of a high PageRank on Google. Second, you want a link that’s relevant to the industry you’re in.

The next step is to write articles that feature these links. This is why allocating space for content on your website is crucial in search engine optimization. You want the articles on your blog to be relevant, and most of all, unique. It also pays to include industry keywords in the title on your article—just make sure you do it tastefully, as going overboard might give it a spammy feel.

Start slowly but surely. If your site doesn’t have a blog, then now’s the time to create one. Link building and SEO go hand in hand, so if you want your site to rank higher, learn more about these two methods.

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