Ford + Slick Social Media Marketing = Success

While Ford Motors Inc. may have suffered huge losses due to the recession, it seems that the auto-manufacturing giant is far from being down for the count. After going through a tough 3-year period, Ford has once again, reaffirmed their status and presence in the auto industry. Half of this success, is due to the release of good car models. The other half? Good public relations with their customers.

Thanks to slick marketing campaigns on the internet, Ford has successfully held on to their roost, keeping a tight grip on their customers and having them remain interested in the company’s products. The use of social media marketing in particular, has allowed Ford to interact with their ‘fanbase,’ who still remain enthusiastic of the brand.

Unlike other companies that have tried their hand in social media marketing—many of whom have failed I might add—Ford separates itself from the pack by tweaking their previous successful campaigns, building on factors that contributed to success, and taking out those that did not. The key to their strategy is to actually engage fans and prospective customers, instead of just promoting the brand over and over again.

Mind you, this is easier said than done. The success of the Ford Explorer campaign for example, was a result of a tremendous amount of hard work, with Ford’s people working on numerous social media sites to get people interested.

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