Don’t Be Fooled, Good Web Design Matters

If someone tells you that having a great logo and solid online presence are two factors you can do without when it comes to building your business marketing plan, do me a favor and tell him, or her, off for me. While the absence of an eye-catching logo or sleek website certainly don’t break your chances of success, both can greatly contribute to getting people interested in what you have to offer.

Think of it this way. If you have a cheap looking logo or a dull site, people—your prospective customers—will get the notion that the services or products you offer are also cheap. This is why sound web design is so important these days, especially with the internet now becoming a primary advertising and marketing forum.

And with the cutthroat competition you have online, having a good looking website definitely won’t hurt. Consider this, if you owned a car dealership business for example, would you send out your salesman in shabby clothes? The same ‘rules’ apply online—the best looking websites get the most attention.

And by ‘best looking,’ I’m not talking about going crazy with Flash effects. A good web design company will whip you up a site that features memorable color schemes, easy to navigate pages, and of course, a unique and eye-catching logo.

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