PayPerClick, Inc. started in 2007 to provide quality organic (non-paid) internet marketing services to small & medium businesses. The main focus then was Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and quality writing services in all its form.

After awhile, the founder saw the need for more personalized approach to internet marketing so PayPerClick, Inc. was conceived and growth came in naturally to accommodate the growth of existing client’s businesses and the steady referrals that came with it.

To keep up with digital marketing’s ever changing landscape, PPC Inc. started offering paid search services (pay per click advertising, media buying, etc.) in 2009 together with the internet’s most trusted brand, Google.

By 2010, the agency became the FIRST digital marketing agency in Cebu to be granted the Google Adwords Partner Certification – awarded only to certified Google Adwords agencies who have handled at least $10,000 in ad spend in the last 90 days.

Today, PPC, Inc. handles pay per click (PPC) campaigns with budgets as much as $10,000.00 / day from household e-commerce brand names. We are also the partner agency of premium internet marketers and agencies from around the globe – our agency partners.

The PPC Inc. Edge

PPC Inc. takes pride in being able to focus on what really matters in business, especially for e-commerce brands, sales.

If you need help with increasing your campaign’s CTR, Average position, quality score, and everything else you think is an important metric besides revenue and sales figures, then we humbly advise you to look somewhere else.

Customer satisfaction is second to none for PPC Inc. and our long term partnerships are a testament to that principle. Till now, we still do business with our first clients.

If you think your internet campaigns’ conversions has room for improvement, fill in the form on the right and take advantage of a free consultation with one of our managers. Business or no business, we’re sure you won’t regret you did!

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