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Internet marketing is the best way for any business to drive targeted leads. IF, done right of course! That’s where comes in. is your internet marketing partner since 2008. We’re a Google Ads Partner since 2010 and we have been trusted with over 500 businesses across 6 continents including global brands and Inc 5,000 businesses handling ad budgets up to US$ 10,000.00 per day.

If you need a trusted, expert, and cost effective partner to connect your business with your target audience through PPC advertising on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (Facebook / Instagram), and quality content, do not hesitate to schedule your FREE consultation today.


Renate and his team are top people. These guys were concentrating purely on my Bing Accounts and they slowly but surely increased profits, migrated my accounts to a new Bing account, etc etc. There communication is always bang on and they are very polite and always listening to my aims, ideas, etc. Its unfortunate i had to end the contract due to time constraints, but am sure i'll be using him again for my bi-annual audits! Thanks guys...

Full Stack Solutions

Lemuel was very good to work with. He is very knowledgeable about PPC and was helpful in optimizing our account with us. We were limited in budget and he was very flexible to work with what we had available.

Kory of Gateway Solutions

Lemuel is a gentleman and a great guy to work with. He knows his stuff, does quality work, is honest and communicates well.

Greg of SOF Corp

We would highly highly recommend working with Lemuel and his team!

Tyler of TCP Solutions

I would like to take a moment to commend you for the excellent work that you do. Simply put, Lemuel knows digital advertising. I have been most impressed with his vast, and in depth knowledge when it comes to the successful deployment of a paid search campaign. From the creation of compelling ad copy, to data analysis and landing page insights, Lemuel and his team boast a level of expertise and professionalism that I have rarely encountered. Lemuel, thank you once again for your outstanding work.

Adster Creative. Inc.

Lemuel Jovellar was charged with the overall digital marketing strategy and specific campaigns for SOOKA Inc. websites, which resulted in developing brand engagement, improving search engine optimization, and leading prospective shoppers to our websites.

Lemuel is an extremely knowledgeable and capable analyst, whose efforts have been invaluable to our organization. With each engagement our overall traffic and ecommerce sales markedly improved. While we are located in a region of Southern California that is saturated with digital marketing and technical professional services, it is rare to find individuals who actually possess the skills necessary to deliver on their promises. With Lemuel effectual performance has never been a concern. We have always been extremely satisfied with the results he delivers and his professional and personal comportment. Lemuel is an exceptional professional with talent and integrity.

"Very knowledgeable at his craft and is easy to work with."